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The definition of liny, the meaning of the word Liny:

Is liny a scrabble word? Yes!

  • n. - A narrow continuous mark, as one made by a pencil, pen, or brush across a surface
  • n. - Such a mark cut into or raised from a surface
  • n. - A thin indented mark or wrinkle
  • n. - A straight or curved continuous trace having no breadth that is produced by a moving point
  • n. - Any straight one-dimensional geometrical element whose identity is determined by two points. A line segment lies between any two points on a line
  • n. - A set of points (x, y) that satisfies the equation y = mx + c, where m is the gradient and c is the intercept with the y-axis
  • n. - A border or boundary
  • n. - A white or coloured band indicating a boundary or division on a field, track, etc
  • n. - A mark or imaginary mark at which a race begins or ends
  • n. - The players arranged in a row on either side of the line of scrimmage at the start of each play
  • n. - A specified point of change or limit
  • n. - The edge or contour of a shape, as in sculpture or architecture, or a mark on a painting, drawing, etc, defining or suggesting this
  • n. - The sum or type of such contours or marks, characteristic of a style or design
  • n. - Anything long, flexible, and thin, such as a wire or string
  • n. - A telephone connection
  • n. - A conducting wire, cable, or circuit for making connections between pieces of electrical apparatus, such as a cable for electric-power transmission, telecommunications, etc
  • n. - (as modifier)
  • n. - A system of travel or transportation, esp over agreed routes
  • n. - A company operating such a system
  • n. - A route between two points on a railway
  • n. - A railway track, including the roadbed, sleepers, etc
  • n. - One of the rails of such a track
  • n. - A roadway usually in a rural area
  • n. - A course or direction of movement or advance
  • n. - A course or method of action, behaviour, etc
  • n. - A policy or prescribed course of action or way of thinking (often in the phrases bring or come into line)
  • n. - A field of study, interest, occupation, trade, or profession
  • n. - Alignment; true (esp in the phrases in line, out of line)
  • n. - One kind of product or article
  • n. - A collection of bales of wool all of the one type
  • n. - A row of persons or things
  • n. - A chronological or ancestral series, esp of people
  • n. - A row of words printed or written across a page or column
  • n. - A unit of verse consisting of the number of feet appropriate to the metre being used and written or printed with the words in a single row
  • n. - A short letter; note
  • n. - A piece of useful information or hint about something
  • n. - One of a number of narrow horizontal bands forming a television picture
  • n. - A narrow band in an electromagnetic spectrum, resulting from a transition in an atom, ion, or molecule of a gas or plasma
  • n. - Any of the five horizontal marks that make up the stave
  • n. - The musical part or melody notated on one such set
  • n. - A discernible shape formed by sequences of notes or musical sounds
  • n. - (in polyphonic music) a set of staves that are held together with a bracket or brace
  • n. - A unit of magnetic flux equal to 1 maxwell
  • n. - A defensive or fortified position, esp one that marks the most forward position in war or a national boundary
  • n. - A formation adopted by a body or a number of military units when drawn up abreast
  • n. - The combatant forces of certain armies and navies, excluding supporting arms
  • n. - One of four divisions of the target on a fencers body, considered as areas to which specific attacks are made
  • n. - The scent left by a fox
  • n. - The equator (esp in the phrase crossing the line)
  • n. - Any circle or arc on the terrestrial or celestial sphere
  • n. - The amount of insurance written by an underwriter for a particular risk
  • n. - A line of people, vehicles, etc, waiting for something
  • n. - A portion of a powdered drug for snorting
  • n. - Something said for effect, esp to solicit for money, sex, etc
  • v. - To mark with a line or lines
  • v. - To draw or represent with a line or lines
  • v. - To be or put as a border to
  • v. - To place in or form a row, series, or alignment
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Liny is worth 7 points in Scrabble, and 8 points in Words with Friends

There are 4 letters in liny: I L N Y

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